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Why Blockchain?

Save Time

Save Time and Operational Costs

Blockchain tech allows for allows for verification without having to be dependent on redundant processes and third parties.

Eliminate the Middle Man

Eliminate the Middle Man

Blockchain helps you take control of your transactions and saves you the hassle of employing a middle man.

Data Secure

Make your Data Secure

The tech removes the risk of duplicate entry or fraud as multiple consensus protocols need to be fulfilled to validate an entry.


Ensure high Level of Transparency

Transactions are recorded across every participating node in the Blockchain, which helps ensure transparency to each participant.

Take control Info

Take control of your Information

Consent of all ledger participants is needed to add records to the chain, which means every stakeholder gets a say in major decisions.


Ensure Completeness of Data

Blockchain's append only property makes data alteration or deletion impossible, helping you maintain its accuracy at all times.

Services We Offer

Public and Private Blockchains

Public and Private Blockchains

With Public and Private Blockchain options, you get to control who has access to specific information.

Wallets and Exchanges

Wallets and Exchanges

We help you build safe Cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges to conduct trade seamlessly without hurdles.

Distributed Applications

Distributed Applications

Our Decentralized Applications development service helps keep records tamper-proof and free of intrusions.

Testing & Migration

Testing & Migration

We help you migrate your existing business into Blockchain and define a testing and migration roadmap.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

We use Blockchain platforms like Etherium to deliver highly secure, and competitive Smart Contracts.

Blockchain Consultancy

Blockchain Consultancy

By analyzing your business infrastructure, we identify threats Blockchain can counter and opportunities it can address.

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How blockchain works?

  • Transaction Request is Made
  • 2
  • A Block representing the Transaction is created
  • 3
  • The Block is sent to every Node on the Network.
  • 4
  • The Block is added to the existing Blockchain.
  • 5
  • Transaction is validated by every Node.
  • 6
  • Transaction is Completed.
  • Blockchain Works

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    Success Stories

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    “We have been working with Tkxel since October 2018 and we found their communication extremely effective and professional. Our goal with this project was to ensure a seamless and transparent competency review system and the application developed by Tkxel helped us achieve those desired results.”

    Russell Willcocks // Ministerial Association Secretary
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    "Tkxel redeveloped the application on time and within the budget, meeting all of the project's milestones and pleasing the client. Their development skills and proactiveness accelerated the timeline and delivery of the project."

    Sylvian Bruni // Principal Engineer
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    “Tkxel provided very good resources for our Broadband ISP and UX requirements. The work was completed on time and professionally. The project was carried out seamlessly and with utmost diligence. We would like to work with Tkxel again.”

    Philip Macridis // Managing Director
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    "We are pleasantly surprised by the process that Tkxel team adopted to handle this complex integration. Their engineers became core part of our team and took the ownership of the whole project in a very professional way."

    Wayne Walls // Product Manager

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