In today’s digitally innovative world, technology is changing the course of everything. We are witnessing alternative tech solutions surpassing each other with minor advancements. Every technology is changing and rapidly evolving, getting better from its previous version. The world of the programming language is also getting affected due to these changes.

Once learning a few programming languages was enough! Adequate to become the leading expert in the industry. However, now with hundreds of new and innovative languages, that’s not possible. Each language has its own convolutions and idiosyncrasies. The demand for fluency in programming languages is changing every year!

To keep up with the requirements of the field and the industry, programmers have to learn leading languages. Especially the beginners! They must consider the popularity and demand of the language, and job opportunities before learning a new language.

Since it’s really difficult to evaluate which programming language is better and has a brighter future. Here we are going to help you pick up the most crucial languages you need to learn in 2021. We will recommend the top 10 programming languages essential to learn for different developmental areas. Such as front-end, back-end, mobile, gaming, desktop applications, and system programming.

1.   JavaScript

There have been a lot of programming languages that came, ruled, and disappeared. However, for the last 25 years, JavaScript is enjoying the top favorite spot. As per the 2020 Developers Survey, JavaScript is one of the most prevalent languages amongst developers. For the eighth year in a row, it has maintained a stronghold in the world of programming languages.

Either it's Google, YouTube, Microsoft, Facebook, or Uber, they all rely on JavaScript. The programming language helps in creating highly synergistic web pages for these sites. Essentially, JavaScript is recognized for adding responsive elements to a website. But it offers a wide range of assistance as well in game development, web, and mobile app development, etc.

JavaScript supports both, front end as well as back-end development. It’s highly compatible with frameworks such as Vue, React, Node, etc. Since JavaScript has a flexible syntax and can work across all the major browsers, it’s a perfect programming language for beginners. The demand for the language doesn’t seem to diminish anytime soon, so excel your JavaScript skills in 2021.

2.   Scala

If you have been a fan of the Java programming language, then time to meet its advanced cousin, Scala. It was designed to solve the issues of Java initially. However, later it cemented its position and became much popular among the developers.

Scala combines the fascinating feature of Java, which is Object-Oriented Structure along with a lightning-fast JVM environment. And boosts it with a sensational touch of twist. It’s a general-purpose programming language supporting two things simultaneously. Object-oriented environment and functional programming epitome. What makes Scala unique is its highly distinguishable features. It offers string interpolation, lazy computation, scalability, etc.

Scala code can also be converted into byte codes. It can be executed on the Java Virtual Machine as well. Due to its phenomenal flexibility and scalability, eBay, Netflix, LinkedIn, etc., are users of the platform. Businesses are eager to incorporate Scala into their business model. Update your to-do list for learning Scala programming language in 2021.

3.   Swift

There is a whole career for Apple products and its mobile application development. If you are interested in this field, then opt for Swift programming language. The platform was announced back in 2014 by Apple. It's a new programming language having great importance on the development side.

Swift is a leading partner for developing macOS, watchOS, and iOS applications. As per TIOBE, Swift ranked at 9th position as that of January 2020. Highly optimizable, Swift programming language has been built to match the modern necessities of iOS development. iOS is not just the base of the iPhone and iPad. It’s essential for watchOS, tvOS, etc., and therefore it has distinguished stipulations.

We all know that Apple is never going to stay behind in the tech industry. It's going to lead and come up with innovative solutions. Hence learning Swift programming language leads to a better career opportunity with a profitable status in the marketplace.


4.   Python

In the 2020 programming language report, Python outranked Java. Now, Python is the second most admired programming language across the globe. PYPL popularity report as of February 2021 ranked the language at #1.

The reason for such popularity for Python is its user-friendly structure. It has clear syntax, instinctual, an English-like language. The programming language is widely used for software and web development. Just like Java, it has a wide range of applications, making it highly versatile and a powerful option for beginners.

Python is compatible with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc., and other leading technological solutions. It offers PyTorch, TensorFlow, OpenCV, and sci-kit-learn. These are built programs of Python, assisting in computer vision and other technological fields. There are many renowned Python frameworks as well that are not just efficient but also convenient. They include Flask, Django, Pyramid, etc. Don’t waste 2021 and start learning Python right away!

5.   Go

Designed by Google, Go is a recent addition to the world of programming languages. Using trendier technology, it’s one of the leading languages for developers. As per Stack Overflow reports, Go is the fifth most loved and third most wanted programming language among the developers. The language is a recipient of the “Language of the Year” award in 2009 and 2016 as well.

It’s a statically typed programming language, syntactically similar to C. It provides memory safety, structural typing, CSP-style concurrency, and a garbage collection facility. Go is a high-performing and efficient programming language. It supports Cloud Computing, Distributed systems, etc., conveniently.

Since it’s a compiled language, Go runs on “close to the metal” that allows blazing-fast runtime. Due to its high demand and ease of learning, it's recommended to excel in the Go programming language. Beginners can secure better career opportunities and land good jobs.

6.   Ruby

Received the award for “Language of the Year” in 2006, Ruby is an interpreted general-purpose programming language. It is mostly used as the base for the famous Ruby on Rails application development framework.

Ruby is a dynamically typed programming language. At runtime, Ruby can execute multiple programming behaviors. It uses garbage collection and supports several programming paradigms. Such as object-oriented, procedural, and functional programming. Its major implementations include JRuby, Ruby MRI, MacRuby, IronRuby, Rubinius, etc.

Businesses like Twitter, Bloomberg, Airbnb, Shopify, built their sites using the Ruby on Rails platform at least once. Due to its straightforward syntax, it’s believed Ruby is a good language to pick up. It has the friendliest and helpful community. Therefore, it's better to get your hands on Ruby in 2021.

7.   Kotlin

Released 9 years back, Kotlin is one of the leading languages for android application development. Developers embraced Kotlin after Google announced it as a preferred language for android app development. As per the 2020 Developers Survey, Kotlin is the fourth most loved programming language.

Kotlin is a cross-platform, general-purpose, statically typed programming language that has a type interface. It supports functional programming as well as object-oriented features. Kotlin is completely interoperable with Java where it supports all of the Java libraries. KTor, Javalin, and Vert.x is some famous frameworks that rely on Kotlin.

Companies like Uber, Netflix, Pinterest, etc., are giving bright career opportunities to Kotlin developers. Since the language is easy to learn and quick to adapt, developers are preferring it most. We all know that the market of Android is progressing swiftly. Therefore, it’s time to excel in the Kotlin programming language and make a career out of it.

8.   Elm

Came into existence 8 years ago, Elm is the youngest and reputed programming language. It started as a thesis of a Harvard student. Later grown as one of the leading languages for front-end development.

Elm is a domain-specific programming language, creating a web-based graphical user interface. It compiles to leading JavaScript, which makes it ideal for building genuine and appealing UIs with minimum errors at runtime. Elm is a purely functional language, developed while emphasizing performance, usableness, and robustness.

Due to its phenomenal interoperability with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, Elm is favorite for developers. It uses a virtual DOM approach that makes the updates virtuously efficient. If you are into front-end development then strengthen your programming language game with Elm.

9.   C#

On almost every index, C# is holding a strong position for the past few years. It’s the eighth most loved programming language as per Stack Overflow Report. TIOBE ranks C# at 5th position. PYPL popularity report as of February 2021 ranked the language at #4. Being 21 years old programming language, C# still holds an impressive position throughout.

C# is a general-purpose programming language with multi-paradigm support. Initially developed by Microsoft as a part of their .NET framework. C# encompasses strong static typing, declarative, functional, lexically scoped, object-oriented programming disciplines. With an extensive set of libraries, the C# programming language is faster and highly efficient.

Its syntax is similar to C-derived languages, for instance, C++. So, if you are coming from a language background from a C family, then go for C#. It becomes easy to understand with fewer complexities. If your new resolution is learning a new programming language in 2021, then C# is your new goal.

10. Rust

For the past five years, Rust has been the most loved programming language. It has been on the first spot since 2016. 86.1% of developers are interested in continuing working with the Rust programming language.

Rust is a multi-paradigm programming language, developed by Mozilla Corporation. It's like C and C++ and is intended chiefly for low-level system programming. Rust is designed for a safe and better-performing language. It guarantees memory safety without garbage collection, where reference counting is purely optional.

What makes Rust different is its keen emphasis on safe coding. It prevents the programs from retrieving the parts of the memory that they shouldn’t access. This minimizes unexpected system crashes and behavior. Due to its immense popularity and demand, it’s better to learn and excel Rust in 2021. Let new doors of career opportunity knock on your door.

Which one to choose for your career?

So far, we have evaluated the top 10 programming languages that you must learn in 2021. However, do you have any idea which language supports which career? Here is a quick summary for you to analyze different career opportunities with different languages.

Language Development
Front-End Development Back-End Development Mobile Game Desktop Application System Programming


It’s Coding Time!

When you are deciding which programming language is better to learn. Never get caught up in popularity contests and flashy trends. Fads come and go, however, learning a language is a tool that benefits you forever.

Some languages are brilliant for many years. But some languages are in demand recently. It’s up to you and your field of interest to select the best suitable programming language. Do your evaluation yourself!

In the field of computer programming, demands keep on changing. But the programming languages we discussed above are those that will stay for a much longer time. Begin your journey of coding with confidence and select the best as per your interest.

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