10 Reasons Why You Need Salesforce for Your Business

Having a small or medium-sized business, you may be a little skeptical about the implementation of Salesforce consulting services owing to the efforts required and budget constraints. But no one can deny the fact that customers are pivotal for any company and Salesforce automation allows you to acquire new customers and maintain business relationships with existing ones as well. Connecting all your key functional units like sales, marketing, customer service and account management to the salesforce cloud can give you a holistic understanding of your customers.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Salesforce needs your attention so you can excel in customer management:

1. Customer information

salesforce consulting services

One of the top benefits of integrating the Salesforce cloud in your business is that it provides you with a pool of relevant customer information. With the help of Salesforce, you can know about individual lead accounts, their contact, tasks, and events before you even approach them.

Salesforce allows you to keep a track of your potential customers to maintain your ideal client profile. Basically, customer information and profiles are secured at one reliable place where you can keep a track of any lead you want to and check the status of leads assigned to your representatives giving you a holistic picture of your business growth.

2. Flexibility & adaptability

The most important aspect of the salesforce cloud is its flexibility and adaptability. It can be considered one of the unique selling points of Salesforce. You can access it anywhere at any time.

Salesforce is known for its secure cloud infrastructure that provides exceptional cloud solutions for every functional unit. It does not restrict you to the already set and crafted layouts, workflows, and procedures. You can set objects in Salesforce based on your requirements and desires at any time.

3. Simple to manage

Simple to manage

Apart from being flexible and adaptable, Salesforce is also very easy to handle platform. If you are a small company you don’t have to worry about your less sophisticated IT know-how and skills, Salesforce will still allow you to make alterations in the admin panel.

One of the salesforce training courses called Trailheads helps you to skill up from user to admin panel in an easy way. This program helps you to understand the management of this platform and makes you capable of managing this system without any hassle.

4. Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Team cohesion is one of the basics of management skills. Salesforce cloud lets you collaborate with your team efficiently. As a manager, Salesforce consulting services gives you the ability to coordinate with your team and makes collaboration easy with the “Chatter” feature.

This feature lets you talk to your individual representatives about their specific lead’s progress and territories. It allows you to talk in groups about essential work-related details. Also, you can add a teammate to a specific account that needs some attention making it easier for the team to set their priority tasks.

5. Systematic reporting

salesforce consulting services

The Salesforce platform provides you with a robust set of reporting tools that helps you save money, time and puts you on track to focus on your core business activities for growth. One of the best features of the Salesforce systematic reporting tool is that it allows you to modify reporting facilities depending on your business requirements. It helps you to manage contracts efficiently and provides real-time reports and analytics.

6. Account planning

salesforce consulting services

All the relevant information about clients provided by Salesforce helps you and your team to better understand each account and make independent plans for individual accounts. The individual account planning feature makes you understand which client requires more focus. With the help of this tool, you can also see the amount of time spent on a specific account by you or anyone in your team so that you can modify your plans to get a better outcome.

7. AppExchange environment

The Salesforce cloud gives you an AppExchange feature that no other service provider offers. Through the AppExchange environment, you can access any verified and secured applications developed by other users. It allows you to integrate all types of applications built by industry experts of a specific field to your Salesforce ecosystem and gives you the ability to seamlessly support your other operations (sales, marketing, finance)

8. Multi-tenant platform

Salesforce offers the latest features and automatic updates three times a year for all of its users. All the users of salesforce use the same software infrastructure. This feature allows you to enjoy the perks of all the latest features and version upgrades on this platform while keeping your database safe.

9. Mobile CRM

salesforce consulting services

Salesforce is considered one of the pioneering platforms to launch the mobile CRM concept. With the mobile Salesforce platform, you can access all the data on your mobile if you are on the go. Even if you are on leave, you can still make full use of Salesforce on your cell phone and keep a track of your tasks and your teams too!

10. Time management

Salesforce consulting services gives you extensive customer information which helps in planning your resources and talent accordingly and lets you manage your time efficiently for priority client profiles. Also, with its built-in calendar feature you can plan your workday, a week, a month, or even a year which helps you stay updated through all the stages of nurturing your potential clients in a timely way.

Key Takeaway:

Since its introduction to the business world, Salesforce has been a support system for all kinds of businesses (small, medium, or large) in identifying, connecting, and nurturing their potential prospects and growing their business landscape. It can help optimize your customer relationship, sales, and marketing strategies which can surely make up for its initial set-up expense.

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