3 Trending Tech Considerations in 2021


2020 was a challenging year across the globe. Remote technology took a turn with enhanced cloud adoption overall. Online services became saviors, converting into vital assets for holding business infrastructure.
Businesses adopted various IT initiatives that helped them in staying on their grounds. However, these initiatives exposed the companies to a set of new challenges. Now, organizations have to look beyond survival in 2021. They need to optimize the new IT initiatives and secure themselves from surging cyber threats.
The post-pandemic budget is tight due to marginal profits made in 2020. Therefore, the new year comes with some challenges. However, with vital tech considerations, 2021 can pave a better future for businesses.

Reassessing IT Investments 

The pandemic impacted the technological sector in ways that were inconceivable before. According to the Agents of Transformation Report 2020,81% of the technologists admit that COVID-19 created immense technological pressure. 61% of professionals felt great pressure of work during a pandemic. 

All this pressure pushed the businesses in adopting IT innovations without optimal research. 88% of businesses prioritized digital alteration. They are adopting it to enhance their customer experience during the dubious time. All those projects that would have taken years to complete were urged for completion within months. The uncertainty of 2020 led companies to adopt the new IT models in rush.

However, there is hope that 2021 would be less chaotic than 2020. Your businesses should consider embracing digital transformation. The transformation process is predicted to be refined during this year. Your business decision-makers and leaders must work on the optimization of the workflow with efficacy. 

Here are 3 trending technologies of 2021 that you must know. 

1. Unlocking 5G Potential

Promising a speed of 10 gigabits per second instead of 100 megabits per second. Ensuring to minimize the latency to 1ms from 50ms, 5G is ready to revolutionize the industry. The IoT and edge computing services will take a new turn, allowing users to discover a whole new world.

5G is coming with the potential of introducing driverless cars or remote-controlled industrial heavy machinery. With 5G, businesses can unlock the possibility of taking their brand to reach new heights. Brands across all sectors can transform their abilities towards digital competencies.

The lower latency along with powerful bandwidth can change the face of the retail and finance industries. Your business can now perform data analytics in real-time without interruptions. 5G will also allow AI to power the sector enhancing the customer service experience. The manufacturing and transportation sectors can also expect faster services with uncompromised quality.

  •  Changing work dynamics 

The core relationship between the workplace and the IT sector is in flux. The shift to remote or work from the home working model was the most considerable transformation observed in years. Four-fifths of global organizations are demanding home networking on a full-time basis. This demand is creating new priorities for both the business and the workplace.

These changes are forming new challenges for organizations. Suppose they want to rule out the luxury of home-based working. They have to make the office working space more enticing. It’s anticipated that 2021 will see a shift towards a hybrid working model across the globe. The hybrid working model will allow your business to accommodate new structures—the remote as well as physical working spaces.

Your business has to optimize the remote working collaboration to extreme extents. Both the employees from remote working and office space have to work allying. To achieve such optimum collaboration, your organization must provide modern tech. Without the latest and evolving technology, balancing both working environments is not possible.

2. Behavioral Analytics 

Remote working was unfamiliar territory for millions of organizations. This unfamiliarity pushed businesses to embrace behavioral analytics. Behavioral analytics is a powerful tool, allowing organizations to understand their employee activities. Such as the Microsoft Office graph was the most invaluable asset to businesses in 2020.

The majority of the organizations also used tracking devices in their corporate environment. It provided them with crucial insights about the office being complete or vacant. It also allowed them to analyze and minimize their office footprint strategically.

Some businesses opted for a workplace analytics solution during uncertain times. It tracked the essential social distancing rules within closed environments, especially in meeting rooms, sending alerts on occupancy capability. These solutions helped the organizations in improving the overall safety in their offices.

Behavioral analytics is modern technology, offering insights into employee working patterns. It’s demonstrating the engagement ratio with the software on a day-to-day basis. You can combine these tools with leading data sources. For example, with meeting rooms and networking devices.

Together they hold the potential to ensure comprehensive synopsis of the working environment. This amazing combing can also provide insights into better technology investments. It can lead to maximized business savings and appropriate cost-cutting. This year is predicted to welcome a whole new world of potential for your business. Behavioral analytical solutions are going to continue to ensure crucial insights in 2021.

3. Cyber security -a proactive approach

Due to pandemics, rapid development has exposed the IT sector to cyber security. Before the pandemic, nearly 7 million people in the US were already working remotely. In addition, 55% of the global businesses offered remote working to their employees during the pandemic.

The remote working model is growing faster than apprehended. So, the number of devices involved is also increasing exponentially. Moreover, business employees are outside the protective ring of their corporate network. Hence, they are prone to cyber threats and crimes. 2020 alone observed an increase of 23% in cybercrimes and breaches of privacy.

The cause of such a high rate of cybercrimes is the rapid adoption of the digital world. The world was not ready for a sudden remote working situation. HLB Cyber security Report 2020 concludes that 57% of leading IT businesses were unprepared to operate a remote workforce. However, 88% of the organizations made changes in their cyber security solutions and protocols. The report confirms that 53% of suspicious cyber activities were recorded in the year.

Unfamiliar situations lead to shaky entry points and weak spots. They expose the privacy of the users to cyber breaches. In 2021 and beyond, you as a business need to learn to handle unknown situations. 

You need to re-address your past mistakes and learn from them. Support investments in enhancing the cybersecurity model and infrastructure. Organizations must invest in the automation of their business model with enhanced AI-driven security procedures. Without these, it would be nearly impossible to counter the evolving cyber threats and crimes soon.

Wrapping Up

2020 was the year of urgency and survival. Digital transformation was abrupt and unexpected for every sector and industry. IT developments were embraced out of necessity only to endure the pandemic. Business growth and competitiveness became secondary options.

However, 2021 has to be different for all businesses across the globe. They must analyze the experience they got in the last 12 months. And utilize it to plan a new year of growth, progression, and success.

It’s expected that 2021 will witness the return of foresightedness after 2020’s nightmare. Instead of investing in abrupt changes, now the businesses can plan the modifications. The initial focus of the businesses must be optimization and stratagem. After the turmoil of the last year, business leaders must take steady steps towards evolution.

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