Finding the right software outsourcing companies for your project is like finding the right contractor to build your new house; you need to make sure your investment is safe and the output is worth every penny you put into it. There are several benefits associated with handing over your development to an offshore development center, including cost, hiring and firing, and project management. However, there are also a couple of things to keep an eye on before you take the leap.

In this article, we will cover four of the most critical points you should take into account before you sign a contract with offshore development partners.


Let’s be honest, the primary reason one may consider an offshore partner is the cost effectiveness of such engagements. Engineering resources in North America or Europe charged around three times that of an offshore team in, for example, Asia.

However, bear in mind that the cheapest option isn’t necessarily always the best. Considering that the pay gap between offshore and onshore is so high, you should try not to hire the cheapest resources. No organization in the world runs on a charity, and pay in a specific region is associated with the skill of the resources available at the firm. Considering that you are already saving quite a lot by going with offshore development, do not go for the lowest cost in that bracket. Rather, look for companies that provide the right services for your particular needs. This brings us to our next point; Expertise.


Think of it this way, when you go clothes shopping at a mall, you don’t go to Target. Instead, you head down to Zara or Ralph Lauren. This is because you understand that these brands are specialists in producing clothes that fit your needs. You should consider a very similar approach when you browse software outsourcing development partners. For instance, if you are looking to implement Salesforce or Service-Now, you should keep an eye out for keywords like enterprise solutions, Salesforce, or Service-Now while going through their website.

Furthermore, look for partners who have worked with significant companies for the services you are looking for. Perhaps, if you are in conversation with a partner, you may also ask for relevant case studies for a specific client or technology to judge their work. Do not limit your decision to online case studies, as several services companies do not make their case studies public for various reasons. The best thing to do is ask for a case study when you are in conversation with them over email or calls.


Communication is key when hiring an offshore team. Bear in mind that you will obviously be having time zone differences with your partner, that a given for an offshore engagement. However, there are some other aspects to this conversation that you should consider. Even despite the time differences, some Software outsourcing companies may offer you a partial overlap, which works in your favor. If a company is offering you a 3-4 hour overlap despite a 12 hour time difference, it means that they are going above and beyond for you to work with them, and you should cherish that.

Furthermore, you may also want to judge the communication skills of the people working with you. For this purpose, you should hold calls with them to judge their language proficiency and most importantly; their ability to say no. If someone cuts you off during an interview and tells you a better way to do something you’re suggesting, don’t take it as an insult, but rather as a display of experience and knowledge.

References and Testimonials

Last but not least, look for references and testimonials to understand how a specific company’s clients feel about them. Look at their website, do you see testimonials posted there? A video testimonial is the closest you can get to word-of-mouth, and its value can not be underestimated.

Similarly, in the case of software development, there are several platforms that rank top developers based on the reviews. These include GoodfirmsClutchAppDeveloperListing and SoftwareDevelopmentCompanies. However, bear in mind that the firms listed on the top are usually the firms using paid advertisements. The first thing you should do once you reach that list is to filter out the sponsored firms. Next, look at the number of reviews for a specific firm. That will give you a better idea of how popular a company is. Read those reviews and see what people have to say.

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“We have been working with Tkxel since October 2018 and we found their communication extremely effective and professional. Our goal with this project was to ensure a seamless and transparent competency review system and the application developed by Tkxel helped us achieve those desired results.”

Russell Willcocks // Ministerial Association Secretary
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"Tkxel redeveloped the application on time and within the budget, meeting all of the project's milestones and pleasing the client. Their development skills and proactiveness accelerated the timeline and delivery of the project."

Sylvian Bruni // Principal Engineer
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“Tkxel provided very good resources for our Broadband ISP and UX requirements. The work was completed on time and professionally. The project was carried out seamlessly and with utmost diligence. We would like to work with Tkxel again.”

Philip Macridis // Managing Director
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"We are pleasantly surprised by the process that Tkxel team adopted to handle this complex integration. Their engineers became core part of our team and took the ownership of the whole project in a very professional way."

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