6 Disruptive Software Development Trends in 2021

Software development trends are constantly evolving. Either it's software architecture, languages, methodologies, or frameworks, the constant growth is causing a stir in the industry. Businesses are opting for full-fledged digital solutions while customer care operations are being analyzed.

2021 expects to witness phenomenal societal and technological alterations. These changes will drive new interest and tech solutions for everyone. For instance, the latest use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) forces the industry to get more concerned about "Ethical AI". Furthermore, to ensure a secure way to execute contracts, blockchain technology is constantly evolving.

If you desire to stay ahead of the marketing curve, the adoption of prevailing techs wouldn't be enough. To outrun your competition, you have to emerge as a cutting-edge tech expert. Without advancements and modernization, businesses cannot conceive ways to survive and win. So, here we will discuss the top software development companies that may help you dominate the tech industry in 2021.

1. A new era of Cloud Computing

2020 narrated a whole new story for cloud services. When the majority of the industries suffered due to the global pandemic, the cloud remained the forerunner industry that became much stronger with time. Before 2020, businesses that had slight reservations over cloud adoption finally understood the fundamental importance of this phenomenon.

As per Statista, 74% of global businesses will continue investing in cloud technology. Gartner forecasted that by the end of 2021, global spending on public cloud services would grow 18.4%. The global catastrophe showed the world that scaling up or downscaling businesses remotely is possible with the cloud.

The global public cloud IT infrastructure market is expected to grow a whopping amount of USD 120 billion at a rate of 35% in 2021. But is everything as beautiful as being predicted? Not! Due to the pandemic, cloud breaches reached a new height. As a result, businesses face many challenges in transferring vast amounts of data. And weak security practices in the cloud configuration led to many concerns.

However, even with such breaches, cloud computing is leading and expected to grow phenomenally in 2021. In addition, it’s anticipated that more cloud migration will take place sooner or later this year, resulting in a whole new era for cloud computing.

2. Blockchain beyond the financial sector

Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies in recent times, causing a stir in the industry. The Blockchain is popularly known for its phenomenal role in cryptocurrency and its benefits in the financial sector. However, 2020 evidenced that it can move beyond the financial industry and prove a valuable asset for all.

The typical usage of blockchain is the transference of money and information without involving an intermediary. It keeps the records transparent and unalterable.

Initially, some entities capitalized on blockchain cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, to cheat. It promised to make people richer in a short amount of time. However, this stigma is eliminated after the interference of governmental bodies and prevented cryptocurrency scams.

3. Game-changing technology – AI for all

One of the groundbreaking technologies of all time is Artificial Intelligence. Empowered with incredible techs such as deep learning, machine vision, and speech recognition, AI benefits every sector possible.

The International Data Corporation predicted that the universal AI market might surpass USD 300 Billion by the end of 2024 with a compound annual growth rate of 17.1%. Hence, AI is no more just a software development trends anymore. It’s now a game-changing phenomenon amid the prevailing tech landscape.

When a US company created GPT-3 in 2020, it became the most significant breakthrough of the year. It made the vision of creating human-like text a possibility using Deep Learning. However, the phenomenal development of AI doesn’t end here. AutoML 2.0 came as a new force of brilliance that enabled automated feature engineering.

The AI software trends predicted for 2021 are many. For instance, a rise in computer vision applications is expected. Predictive analytics are sure to continue the path of excellence. In addition, customers are likely to embrace automated speech recognition and neuro-linguistic programming.

Due to far and wide use of AI, the concept of ‘Ethical AI’ came under the limelight. Now the software engineers are tasked to direct their machines to “do the right thing the right way”. This is a new way for computers to start overtaking additional human functions with accountability.

4. Low-code/No-Code development disrupting the normal curve

The beast of digital transformation is never going to settle. With phenomenal progress, the gap between demand and supply is exceedingly magnifying. As a result, the requirement for software engineers is increasing. However, the collection is not up to the mark. Even when new developers join the industry every day, the demand is still high.

In such a scenario, low-code no-code development is gaining popularity. This development revolves around building applications via visual interfaces that don’t require much coding. Without prior knowledge of coding, the developers can drag and drop pre-built components of the applications. Through this process, the code automatically generates, making application development a seamless journey.

The exceptional growth of low-code no-code development paved the way for No Code AI, No-Code App Development, and No Code Machine Learning. Gartner predicts that the low-code no-code platform can be use in more than 65% of developmental software projects by 2024.

Low-code no-code development promises innovation, creativity, mergers, and acquisitions in 2021, making the lives of non-developers easy. In addition, it ensures faster growth within the prescribed time limit, fewer risks associated with development, and it covers the need for UX resources.

5. Transformation from Internet of Things to Internet of Intelligent Things

The Internet of Things is an incredible concept gaining awareness far and wide. It connects billions of internet-connected devices that are deployed across the globe. Statista confirmed that in 2019, consumers spent USD 1.3 billion on a smart home system.

Without a moment of hesitation, Artificial Intelligence is one of the incredible inventions of modern science. It’s a vital component for many leading devices. Due to its indispensable need in our daily lives, AI with IoT is shifting the landscape for all. The world is now progressing towards the Internet of Intelligent Things.

Years back, it was speculated that AI could be a permanent solution to completely utilize the benefits of IoT. With technological evolution, such suggestions proved as a possibility, changing the face of modern tech. The IoT networks are now using autonomous technology like AI and machine learning to enhance their usability.

From the automotive industry to the agriculture sector, the Internet of Intelligent Things can prove a new-generation innovative solution, disrupting the plethora of modern enterprises. With the Internet of Intelligent Things, consumers can enjoy highly connected vehicle systems. They can experience a current distinct learning system without a problem. The Internet of Intelligent Things can also prove a helpful predictive assistant, a partner for asset and equipment management, and pave the way towards a remote healthcare system. 2021 is going to witness the transformation of IoT like never before.

6. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) taking lead

The idea of progressive web apps (PWA) is not new at all. It’s a phenomenon that started a few years back. However, in recent times it gained popularity, and the investors paid attention to its potential.

A progressive web application combines web pages and mobile apps that work similarly to native applications. The PWAs are much faster and lighter to download as compared to conventional applications. They offer the same experience as that of a native app and allows a notification sending option.

The trend of advanced web applications is magnifying every year. It’s predicted the curve of popularity and adoption is going to increase tremendously in 2021 as well. PWAs are making it possible for users to view their desired website on a mobile web browser conveniently.

Forbes, Ali Express, and Twitter are some leading businesses that adopted PWA solutions early. When Pinterest introduced progressive web apps, their website engagement rate raised to 60%. Many other companies also reported augmented user engagement up to 137%.

The bottom line

Undoubtedly, 2020 brought many disruptions that changed the way of our lives. As a result, these commotions accelerated software development trends across the globe. If you desire your business to strike out in these competitive times, you must adapt to these changing environments. Keep up with the pace of dynamic industry changing for a better tomorrow.

All these developments promise innovative technologies and progressive results. You can harvest early benefits with these emerging software development trends. Investigate the pros and cons of each technology and access its potential for your business.

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