6 Top Agile Project Management Tools

If you are headed towards continuous improvement, switching to agile methodologies for smooth workflow can accelerate the success of your projects. Today not just the software development industry is benefited from agile project management tools but other industries have also started considering it for the smooth execution of projects. Before making up your mind to shift to agile project management you need to be clear about your business goals and must identify which agile tool will support your requirements in meeting your goals.

Here are 6 agile tool options that you can hop on to keep your team in the loop for hassle-free workflows:

1. Jira

Jira is one of the pioneers in the field of agile development tools. It is known for its revolutionary graphics, a very sophisticated layout with a robust set of features. Now Jira has been upgraded with a responsive interface that has advanced features for configurations. These configurations can now be executed directly on the Jira application. The upgraded version has made the original version a little flexible where you or anyone in the team can modify the tickets for example adding images to a ticket. This can enhance the visualization of your ticket. Different teams can have their own formats and templates making it a customized platform for everyone. It has also added a feature of crafting rules for teams for a specific event. This feature allows you to either limit the actions of your team or assign a ticket to your manager who will in return assign that ticket to the appropriate team member.

2. Zoho Sprints

If you talk about a comprehensive office suite, Zoho is known for that. Anyone familiar with Zoho will know about its intriguing collection of agile tools. Sprint is one such agile tool of Zoho that has a very neat layout. Any assignment on sprint is split into tickets which then creates a backlog. These tickets in the backlog can also be organized into Epics for monitoring during each sprint through the Kanban monitoring board. The time spent on each ticket and its status is shown in the form of numbers and graphs on the dashboard for managers who are tracking these tickets. It also has a feature of integrated discussion groups called Feed. It can help you mention and highlight the tickets that need to be discussed at some point during its progress.

3. Monday.com

Due to its colorful and visually appealing layout, Monday.com is an agile tool for any type of team, not just programming teams. The dashboard of Monday.com consists of clean boards that track the status of a task. The interface consists of columns and fields which makes it easy to track the details on each task’s progress. It has a variety of starter templates which helps you to keep your generic tasks and high-priority specialized tasks separately from each other. It also allows you to make customizations in these tasks whenever it is needed during the progress of the tasks. For your development team, this tool gives an option to use an integrated API that connects them with Jira where they can perform development tasks. The reports and task tracking can be viewed by managers on Monday.com with a clean and beautiful interface. Monday.com also features a calendar for you to plan your upcoming projects. For keeping everyone in the loop it has an internal chatbox where all the information related to tasks can be tracked easily.

4. Kanbanize

Kanbanize is a sub tool of Kanban which is the original interface for tracking tasks or cards while your team performs them. You can customize the cards based on their importance. You can also choose to display only the high-priority cards on Kanbanize’s dashboard to avoid clutter. As you add a new card, it generates an event linked with that card which allows the card to move along the workflow and provides you a customizing option too.
Its graphical user interface allows the non-programming teams to automate their process. This tool also provides you with a range of meta-reporting views which helps you to analyze the speed of the task being performed by your team. This feature in Kanbanize allows you to identify the bottlenecks and roadblocks in your workflow so that you can address them efficiently. For your projects that require statistical insights, Kanbanize’s scatter plots and heat maps are best suitable for them. It helps you to get quick and accurate stats.

5. BugDigger

For software development workflow, quality assurance and testing is an important element. This job becomes a little hectic when you are continuously iterating and deploying new code. Each code should be rapidly tested, problems should be identified and fixed quickly to place it back in the development cycle.
BugDigger is a tool that helps in testing web apps by automating some of the hectic tasks required for this process. It uses a browser plugin to generate a report that automatically incorporates the information about the URL being tested and highlights the issues that need to be fixed. You can also share these reports to other agile tools or websites to get the optimized version for them.

6. Asana

Asana is a tool that doesn’t focus on the development team. It’s appropriate for businesses that are doing more than just programming. Its colorful and visually appealing graphics are designed for organizations that are not just developing software but have teams who are performing supportive activities. This tool can help you in forming an array of tabular data collection for specific operations of your organization for example HR operations and marketing tasks that are related to programming activities.

Key Takeaway

In the times of innovative digital transformations, where companies have switched to the digital workplace, agile is the key element for companies to streamline their development goals and manage their operations effectively. It increases productivity, flexibility, and transparency in the entire workflow of an organization. These agile tools can help companies around the world to align their teams and allow them to efficiently meet the evolving needs of the industry. The hype of agile tools is not going to fade away any time soon since almost every industry is considering implementing these tools in their operations to guarantee a smooth workflow.

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