9 Tips to Overhaul Your Website for a Better Customer Experience

After landing on the website, can your visitors determine the nature of your business within five seconds? Is the navigation panel easy to understand? Are the service and product pages clearly communicating your business vision and mission? Does your website have a lower bouncing rate?

If for every question your answer is “no”, then you seriously need to reconsider your digital strategy. Your site needs urgent redesigning with enhanced optimization.

It's no new information that your website is important for your business identity. And after prolonged lockdowns due to Covid-19, the importance of websites has increased exceptionally. It's 2021 and your site requires you to pass a standard to ensure quality and consistency throughout.

With all these in mind, let's dive into 9 Tips you need to follow to overhaul your site...

1. Speed up the load time

Even when sitting in a restaurant, you will never tolerate slow and lazy service. Then why would your customer wait for your site to load?

If it’s taking time, more than 3 seconds, they will abandon your website instantly. They will switch to your competitor’s site. Indeed, it’s unfair but the credit goes to your website load time that did this!

Don’t just pay attention to your website load time. Your customers should be able to transition from page to page at lightning speed. It would be bad; your homepage loads within 3 seconds and other pages are taking an eternity.

Speeding up the load time has always been an important factor. Especially for enhancing the user experience (UX). The better your site load time is, the greater effect it would have on your SERP ranking.

2. Minimalistic design is the key

There are always going to be certain things that may cause distraction on your website. This intrusion of attention proves to be a hindrance in understanding your brand message. Sometimes too much animation, long content, and stock web images are the leading cause of distractions.

Research has proved that the average attention span is just eight seconds. You need to capitalize on such a short time and not waste it by distracting them. Make sure your web pages have proper fonts, intellectual usage of imagery, and ingenious iconography. Therefore, a brand can easily struggle in capturing attention with too much content or design distractions. 

You need to figure out where you want the focus of your customer. Ensure natural flow of content to minimize disruptions. Also, never underestimate the power of color. It can make or break the whole feel and look of your website. Consistency in the color scheme of your website can help customers recognize your brand with color theme. 

3. Build a mobile-friendly version

Since ever, marketing strategists have been recommending converting your website content mobile-friendly. According to Statista, 50.81% of the global website traffic was generated via mobiles in 2020.

But it’s time to move on from simple mobile-friendly websites to PWA. You need to think out of the box and not convert from a normal desktop website to a mobile-friendly version. PWA (Progressive Web App) are websites that not just look like an application but also behave like one.

The world is moving towards a mobile lifestyle. Therefore, to meet the demands of modern customers, you need fresh solutions. Hence, PWAs are a great way to get your site working brilliantly on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Moreover, PWAs are cost effective as compared to building and maintaining your site on multiple platforms.

4. Make easily accessible site

Inclusivity is the new motto of life. If you want your website to be successful, you need to reconsider your strategies for enhanced accessibility. You just do not have to meet the needs of your audience, you have to provide them with an exceptional user experience. Hence, your site’s SEO will boost automatically.

Need some ideas to make your site more accessible? Here are some tips for you!

  • Use the powerful tool of shape and color contrast to make your text and images stand out
  • Use striking elements or interactive buttons for the CTAs to make them easily identifiable
  • Instead of opting for complex web infrastructure, go for user-friendly architecture
  • Allow your users to resize the screens at their convenience
  • Don’t forget to add alt tags for the images
  • Creatively manage the visual hierarchy

5. Style your site the dark way

Looking for a way to add slick style to your website? Introduce dark mode access to your users.

The dark mode reduces bright irritating light that makes it easier to read the content in low light situations. The dark mode also helps the users in saving energy and improving overall accessibility.

By introducing dark mode, the elements on your site will become more prominent. All the elements on the page will pop, especially for the visually impaired audience.

Due to its incredible accessibility, brands like WhatsApp, Apple, HubSpot, and Instagram have already gone dark. The trend for dark mode is already spreading far and wide. It’s time for you to embrace it and secure an edge from others.

6. Capitalize on personalized content

In today’s world, nobody wants to feel anonymous. Everyone desires to be addressed personally. Including personalized content for your audience can take you a long way. 

When you are personalizing your user’s experience with your site, they will feel valued and appreciated. Therefore, they will engage more enthusiastically with your brand and trust you over others.

Experts recommend incorporating artificial intelligence into your website. This allows you to better understand the habits of your consumers. Machine learning analyzes the patterns and ensures website experience based on users’ preferences. Moreover, with a personalized content exposure, the trust of your users will augment. Helping you get a better overall response.

7. Add immersive features

Always opt for features that engage your audience and let them spend more time on your website. For this, go for immersive features. They add a fun element to your site, making it more engaging and entertaining at the same time.

You can use immersion to provide an “on-hands” experience for added value. For instance, with augmented reality, your prospective customers can “try out” your products. It would be amusing and have a positive response to boost your brand reputation.

However, be mindful that immersive elements should be subtle. Overwhelmed elements cause distractions. Unnecessary features also prove as a blockage to your website’s performance and cause hindrance in your brand message. 

8. Automate your site

Building a relationship with your customers is one of the important goals of your business. Therefore, to be consistently in touch with them you need to send them emails, newsletters or discount offers. However, sending out emails repeatedly to your customers is a hectic job. Investing in marketing automation is a wise decision than hiring an extra resource for this. 

Get your hands on leading marketing automation software and connect with your customers instantly. Set automated processes to remind your consumers and motivate them to rebuy your products.

9. Introduce voice activation

Alexa, Siri, and other leading voice assistants have become an integral part of our lives. They are credited to make our lives easier and more convenient.

To make things more interesting, you can introduce these ingenious features into your websites as well. Incorporating voice activation features can help you assist your site visitors with crucial information and guide them throughout the process. For instance, by adding voice chatbots, people with visual disabilities can easily navigate through your site.

By introducing a voice activation facility, you can augment your visitor’s overall experience. The trend of voice assistance on websites is increasing already. Therefore, to stay ahead of the curve you must incorporate such cutting-edge tech into your site to earn prominence.

The Bottom Line

Trying out these tips and tricks can bring dramatic changes on your website. Therefore. improving your performance, customer experience, and minimizing bounce rate. Overhaul your website and update it using modern tactics to distinguish your brand from others.

Obsolete web designs leave your visitors bored to their core. Redesign it using modern tools to make it an attractive and engaging place, providing value to your customers. Feeling confident and ready to take the leap of faith? Get in touch with Tkxel today for  website development services. To level up your website game. 

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