9 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic

The 21st century is currently battling the latest global health crisis in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the face of such critical times, not just the healthcare sector but almost every field is deploying Artificial Intelligence-driven projects based on ‘Machine Learning’ or ‘Data Science’ to combat the damage being caused.

Let’s explore the 9 ways how AI is taking on the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Predicting and tracking the next outbreaks

Predicting and tracking

To better fight the pandemic, you have to first be able to better understand it. The in-depth analysis of government reports and other news reports helps AI to identify and predict future outbreaks. BlueDot, a Canadian startup has started tracking this contagious disease by using AI and Machine Learning to issue warnings and alerts about it.

Basically, AI helps in consolidating healthcare analytics that helps Data Scientists to gather country-specific insights from across the globe relating to COVID-19 to make real-time predictions for the future.

2. Speeding up the COVID-19 diagnosis

COVID-19 diagnosis

In these desperate times, when the healthcare departments are struggling to cope with the rising patient counts, AI’s Coronavirus solutions initiated by Infervision–an Artificial Intelligence organization – are helping the front-line medical professionals to diagnose and efficiently monitor the virus and its spread. The deep learning medical imaging solutions diagnose patients with Covid-19. This solution gives a holistic view of a patient’s nodule and speeds up the CT diagnosis. In another interesting piece of news, an AI-powered diagnosis project launched by Alibaba claims to diagnose the virus with 96% accuracy in just a few seconds.

3. Fast-tracks healthcare claims

COVID-19’s spread has also put a lot of pressure on the health institutions’ business and administrative departments too. These divisions are being terribly affected by the surge of patients daily. To help fight this strain, Ant Financial has become a rescuer and developed a blockchain platform. This platform helps fast-track the healthcare claims processing. By keeping in mind ‘social distancing’ reduces the need for constant face-to-face interaction between healthcare professionals and patients.

4. Deploying drones for a medical supplies delivery

Deploying drones

Drones are the most secure way to deliver medical supplies to health care facilities in these times of social distancing. Medical deliveries thereby are fast-tracked and reach quarantine centers and hospitals when needed. Terra Drone– a Japanese company – uses its unmanned UAV drones to deliver medical supplies in the hospitals and quarantine centers to help fight this health crisis. The drones are also used to keep an eye on the public areas and detect any non-compliance to isolation and social distancing instructions by the government and the healthcare sector.

5. Robots for reducing human interaction

Robots for reducing human interaction

Aiming to facilitate isolation and social distancing, robots are being deployed to perform necessary tasks of disinfecting, sterilizing, and cleaning public areas and isolation centers. They are even used for food deliveries and other tasks to reduce human-to-human interaction since robots are not subjected to the virus. Blue Ocean Robotics has developed UVD robots that use UV-rays to disinfect the surfaces and kill viruses and it’s serving the healthcare industry across China.

6. Supporting virus treatment

IT Giant Google has also used its recent AI algorithms through Google’s DeepMind division to research the DNA-makeup of Coronavirus. It has published insights about the virus to fast-track the vaccine development process for researchers.

Moreover, companies like BenevolentAI are also using their AI platforms and have come up with a list of drugs that are predicted to help treat the disease.

7. Identifying infected individuals

Covid-19 Identifying infected individuals

In China, the surveillance platform is using AI technologies like face recognition and temperature detection to help identify people who might have temperature and are more likely to be affected by the virus. The ‘smart helmet’ technology is being introduced that helps track people with fever. The Chinese government has deployed a ‘Health Code’– public monitoring systemThis monitoring cloud uses big data to track and analyze the risk of individuals affected by COVID-19 depending upon their travel history.

8. Introducing chatbots for information flow

Considering the current situation, chatbots are a trending tool for communication and information sharing used by many service providers across the travel and tourism industries. With chatbots, the traveling and tourism companies are keeping their clients informed about the latest travel SOPs and laws to avoid any non-compliance to government regulations. For example, WeChat is a platform that updates people with all the healthcare news during this pandemic and gives them healthcare consultation services online.

9. Introducing supercomputers for the COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 pandemic report

The IT companies like Tencent and Huawei have jumped into the vaccine creation process with scientists and researchers. They are offering cloud computing services and supercomputers to speed up the vaccine development process. Since the standard computing process is slow in running calculations and solution modeling for the cure, this AI technology is being used by researchers to develop vaccines more efficiently.

In all these above-mentioned ways, AI/ML technological developments have tried to live up to their hype and have initiated innovation. AI-driven projects in the field of medical science, hospital care, and policymaking have made it a little easier for researchers, medical staff, and government to better equip themselves with advanced technology in their operations. It has helped them to confront this challenging situation to their best and make progress to efficiently deliver results.

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