Ensuring business continuity, the right way

In this ever-developing situation, arguably perhaps the biggest challenge being faced by countries across the world, businesses are rapidly assessing the situation and its implications for their operations. With the accelerating global pace with which remote working is being adopted, Tkxel is no exception to this trend – having business continuity plans in place to ensure customer success while also prioritizing the health & safety of its members. Such organizational plans are instrumental in helping employees cope efficiently with crises like COVID-19 while meeting client deliverables.

Indeed this pandemic has brought about the largest work-from-home experiment in history. So in order to maintain business performance, here are some tips to ensure that you build a successful digital workplace.

1. Be Agile and flexible

This means being able to work quickly, efficiently and cohesively. Having an agile workforce means that employees are equipped to work from wherever, whenever and however they wish. Management therefore needs to ensure that the workforce is provided with the appropriate tools and collaborative suites in order to fairly easily transition to a virtual office environment. Having an agile workforce ensures seamless operations that do not compromise on productivity and work quality.

Some tips include:

  • Having flexible working processes
  • Avoiding micromanagement
  • Cultivating a growth mindset
  • Introducing online networking events

At Tkxel, our distributed teams and work-from-home model have already been tested and been proven effective in facilitating the pace of business.

2. Make provisions for a connected architecture

Having a remote workforce means that your employees are no longer just checking their emails every now and then but are actively on the network everyday for hours and thereby accessing enterprise applications, files and data. This therefore means that you need to have a conducive IT infrastructure in place that allows for smooth operations without any disruption. Cloud-hosting services are a popular way to maintain out-of-office data security, which makes it practical for businesses to host their entire server infrastructure in the cloud. Managers therefore need to have contingency measures as part of their process architecture blueprint to guide their strategy and make timely governance arrangements.

3. Analyze your resource capabilities

What document sharing platforms are you using? Are there external tools that you will need to use now? Shift to conferencing platforms for team meetings and make sure to opt for video conferencing to maintain interpersonal communication during these unusual times. Executive management therefore needs to assess the company’s ability to scale out internally, have a thought-out communication strategy in place, be aware of obstacles that might hinder remote working and make all employees aware of the required fundamental changes. This also means taking an internal assessment of your current workforce and deploying tasks as per their expertise.

4. Maintaining proactive communication

Being extremely transparent in communication, operations and engagements is crucial to a successful transition from unpredictability to trusted relationships – that Tkxel prides itself on. Hence, being able to communicate anytime & anywhere from any device is of the utmost importance to maintain business continuity. There are various audio, chat and video conferencing tools available to fuel collaborative work. Having distributed agile teams warrants more communication and touchpoints so you therefore need to have tools & systems to support this.

5. Build a foundation of trust and empathy

With this essential component of trust between management and teams lacking, remote working can become an impediment rather than a support mechanism. During such stressful times, team leads need to manage expectations about productivity and trust that every team member is performing to their full potential if the work-from-home model is to be a success. As mentioned above, this also calls for the management to regularly schedule online team meetings to get periodic updates on the tasks while also addressing any concerns both sides may have.

6. Have robust cybersecurity measures

Last but not the least, remember to safeguard your digital workplace from novel cyberattacks while working remotely. It’s therefore important to invest in safeguards from anti-spam and anti-malware tools to automated cybersecurity training solutions to prevent and handle any such attacks. Use a VPN to ensure your employees are using a secure and encrypted connection at home to access corporate data.

While it is true that no system can perfectly anticipate every contingency, however, having business continuity plans in place and ensuring that all business units are supported, informed and protected is crucial to keep work up and running. The C-Suite should therefore undertake an internal assessment of their operations and introduce necessary measures wherever needed to support an agile workforce that meets key client deliverables – whenever, wherever.

Since the digital workplace is the new normal, you need to make sure to exceed customer expectations through digital transformation services. Let’s achieve that with Tkxel.

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