How can ServiceNow empowers your enterprise cloud management

All types and sizes of enterprises across every sector desire efficient service operations. Yet operational collapse is a bitter reality that every company has to face in its day-to-day workflow. Whether it's a small computer failure or a software system malfunction, it can still cause turmoil in your business operations. Consequently, you lag behind your daily deadlines making an overall delay in operations.

In this digitally challenged world, one of the most significant issues companies face is bringing all the different operational platforms together to act as a single functional unit. But the cloud platforms have made this less of a challenge today.

Cloud services have proved an ally for organizations worldwide in creating their workflows, tools, and systems more accessible. Still, operational disorganizations can not be eradicated. Here is where ServiceNow plays a vital role in integrating all your internal operations and customer-facing processes through machine learning.

Why ServiceNow?

Servicenow gives greater bandwidth for connectivity, helping you minimize downtime and reduce overhead costs. Initially, the ServiceNow platform was developed to give IT services to deal with your internal manual workflows through automation tools. 

Almost every cloud service provider gives you a multi-tenant platform. Whereas ServiceNow uses a multi-instance platform. With its multi-instance platform, you can use some resources. Hence, you do not have to worry about the availability of the system and its downtime. In addition, the ServiceNow cloud gives you a hybrid cloud management platform, helping you make a single record of consistent business processes. 

Thus, it ensures business continuity and continuous service delivery. ServiceNow cloud solution makes it easy for you to identify and map IT infrastructure and business services optimally through your cloud operations. Moreover, it guarantees you optimal security and governance of your cloud architecture. Helping you strategically optimize your enterprise cloud management process. You choose to go with any third-party IT experts, whether AWS, Azure, or VMware. ServiceNow platform makes this integration a seamless experience for you.

Let’s explore some of the critical features of the ServiceNow Cloud platform that can help you strategize your enterprise cloud management:

1 – Seamless integration with cloud platforms

ServiceNow has the capability to give you seamless integration opportunities with any of the third-party cloud service providers. It does that by using REST API’s structure also known as the Cloud API (CAPI). By letting ServiceNow handle your third-party deployment you can achieve security, compliance and continuity in in-house and outsourced operations both.

2 – Customized Analytics

One of the important features of ServiceNow cloud management platform is that it ensures customized analytics depending upon:

  • Your data usage
  • Service types you opt for
  • Your third-party cloud providers
  • Data centre 
  • Business service

This information lets you run accurate cost and trend analysis of your operations. The analytics gives you a holistic view of your operations. Moreover, it ensures better transparency in activities with minimum IT cost. Therefore, with the help of customized and detailed analytics you can make informed decisions for your business.

3 – Improved Transparency and Governance

The alignment of all the multiple cloud resources with complete business procedures and services helps you get a comprehensive understanding of your overall workflow. The cloud management portal lets you have an extensive overview of all the resources available in your data hub that are ready to be leveraged.

The portal lets you assign capability limits to either individual resource or a set of resources. So, you can easily optimize every resource. Hence, your IT team can govern IT infrastructure in a better way and can trace the activities if they are in sink with compliance rules. All this helps you in lowering the risk factors and reducing the threat of your IT-resource exploitation. 

4 – Fast service delivery

Whether you want to migrate existing applications/workload or you are planning to start a first time cloud computing strategy, ServiceNow helps you achieve this goal at a lightning speed. It offers flexibility to your developers in deployments without compromising on the control of resources. Making your enterprise cloud operations more efficient and scalable than ever before.

5 – Risk Analysis

ServicesNow cloud offers you an IT operations management platform which helps you identify and spot any problem in services or cloud resources. This helps in analyzing and evaluating your risk factor and health of service stacks. Apart from that you can also use different problem discovery tools provided by ServiceNow cloud management for these fixing issues. 

Here are some of the advantages of embracing ServiceNow cloud platform in your enterprise for improved cloud strategy:

Business Advantages of ServiceNow

  • Companies that have realised the true value of implementing the ServiceNow platform get a complete view of their IT, HR and customer service management.  
  • The platform helps you put all the workload into a single record to easily assess and track operations and infrastructure.
  • This platform gives you the ability to strealim every department’s processes with your IT infrastructure to create harmony among all your business activities.
  •  It helps you synchronize information across on-site and cloud-based applications and data centres both.
  • It lets you compile and evaluate data sets across your IT system for better reporting and analysis of operations on-site or remotely.
  • The platform has the capacity to combat the pressure of large enterprises IT infrastructure and scalability challenges. 


The Takeaway

The ServiceNow platform is designed to manage “everything as a service”. With the help of ServiceNow cloud, all kinds of enterprises can operate at their optimal levels. It helps them function at a fast pace. Therefore, letting them achieve scalability and flexibility targets in their operations. In the digitally disrupted workplace, enterprises should strive to achieve coherence in business activities like marketing, IT, HR, and customer service operations. 

The ServiceNow cloud management lets you manage these support activities as branches of a single business function in accomplishing your overall enterprise cloud strategy. By embracing ServiceNow in your organization, you can transform your disparate systems into a unified comprehensive workflow. This helps you find new opportunities for growth under every business condition by giving you a holistic view of your current business performance. Hence, you can strategically empower your future enterprise cloud management plans.

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