Progressive Web Apps- The New Torchbearer of Web Development


“There’s a way to do it better — find it.” — Thomas Edison

Following this saying by Edison, back in 2015, a developer from Google named Alex Russel along with a friend revealed a cutting edge technology in the field of Web Development to compete with the Native Apps, finding a better way to manifest the ever-ruling power of Web Development over Mobile Development.

Why have Progressive Web Apps caught the eye of everyone?

Websites had their life on the tabs before the introduction of Progressive Web Apps but users wanted much more than just opening a browser.

Progressive Web Apps

With Progressive Web Apps or the PWA, becoming a boon to Google and Microsoft, many of the major businesses have already sensed an upcoming increase in usage of PWA and companies like Uber, Tinder, Twitter, Starbucks and Google Maps etc. have taken the lead.

Pinterest has seen a 60% more in its consumer engagement time on PWA as compared to the traditional website. With Apple finally onboarding PWA, it is quite a speculation that the future of Web Development is going to be the PWA.

A deep insight into the Anatomy of Progressive Web Apps

The term Progressive Web Apps or simply PWA was first coined by Alex Russel and Francis Berriman.
Have you witnessed an “Add to Home Screen” banner when you are surfing on a specific Offline Experience of a Web App.

Anatomy of Progressive

Progressive Web Apps are mobile apps fetched from the web because it has an app shell that allows it to provide apps like navigation’s, user experience, and gestures. It then seems to act like a native app.
The unique significance of PWA is that it does not have to be downloaded from an app store or play store, it runs in a self-contained web browser. The caches are stored in the App and it updates constantly, giving you up-to-date information.
We can safely say that Web apps are the medium between Native Apps and Browser Website.

Exploring the realm of Progressive Web Apps

According to Google Developers, Web Apps are engaging, fast and reliable.

This claim has pushed Web Apps to outrun native apps, which are not only slow but also provide a bad UX. There is also a reason why progressive web apps are called so and it is the dynamic functionality of their uniform performance with cross-browser progressive enhancements.

As coded by Alex himself, “Web Apps are just websites that took all the right vitamins”. Progressive Web Apps are now trending in the world of software development due to its rich features that offer users a seamless experience.

Too Fast, Too Responsive

Users can open the Web App page by using fewer data and consuming less RAM, making PWAs as highly responsive.

An Immersive Experience to keep users engaged

With a blend of native apps and websites, PWAs provide the user immersive experience. Also introducing push notifications, creating user re-engagement even when the browser is not opened or the app is inactive.

Connectivity Issues? Not a problem anymore!

Reliable: Even when there is no internet connectivity, PWAs do not respond with a downasaur and loads page offline as well.

Security no longer poses a business risk

Secure: Being served through HTTPS, malicious content will get blocked and the experience of PWA will remain safe.

One tab installation to get started

You just have to add your desired page from your browser and it will add an icon which will directly load the same page, every time

Receive Automatic Updates

Gone are the days of manually scheduling and installing updates as PWAs always open in the latest If you click on it, an icon of your browser with the name of that website will show up on your app drawer. If you click on that icon, you will be directed to the website link and now you will be able to have a real-time browsing experience in the mobile phone.
This turns out to become a Mobile Application with the exact same user experience, like that of its Web Application. The best part is, you can experience a full-screen UI of an app without having to download it from any store and surf it even with no or quite weak connectivity.

Put your money to better use

PWA makes it to the cost-effective source of doing business in technology because barriers to entry into App Store are way higher than the chances of discoverability. So, we do not have to empty our credit cards in the App Store as PWA is available directly in any browser.

Wrap Up

Progressive Web Apps are the future. Despite the fact that PWA drains battery life and there is limited browser support available, PWA provides more like native app experience without being heavy on pockets. With all the support of Google, Microsoft, and Apple, PWAs are going to be the top charts for at least the foreseeable future. We are banking on it and given the trends shifting, we are going to witness PWAs ruling the reign of web development.

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