Why your Retail Business Needs an E-commerce Website

Since the global pandemic has changed our day-to-day, the consumer’s switch to online shopping has made eCommerce a competitive market for retailers. Today, almost every business wants to stay relevant and reap the benefits of selling online and creating their digital presence to navigate the global eCommerce industry. For this, many retailers struggle with the ideal selection of online selling platforms for their products and services. Mostly, businesses juggle between trading their products on different eCommerce marketplaces or building their eCommerce website for selling. Each option comes with its set of pros and cons. However, it will be beneficial for you to create your eCommerce website to strengthen your online presence in the long run.

Developing your standalone eCommerce website is a better option if you want to acquire and maintain customer relationships. Moreover, owning your eCommerce store will allow you to tackle customer queries better. Therefore, your customers can get a similar shopping experience through different devices.

In this article you can get to know why creating your eCommerce store is important for your business to stay competitive and grow with the eCommerce trends. Let’s get started…

First-hand customer Information

First-hand customer Information

When you market and sell your products/services on marketplaces, you do not get access to customer information about who buys your products. You are not able to track the website visitors and consumer behavior which can help you align your marketing efforts with the browsing history of the customers. However, if you choose to develop your eCommerce store you not only create your identity but also get access to your audience’s web browsing history and their purchase patterns. The first-hand information about your audience can help you tailor your marketing campaigns based on their interests and browsing information. This helps you market relevant products to the right audience.

When you trade your products in an online marketplace, chances are that your customers might make repeat purchases from you due to a lack of direct marketing to them. Since the lack of primary information about your audience on these platforms, you can not entice them with additional promotional campaigns to nurture your relationship with them. However, having your standalone e-commerce platform ensures that you develop good relations with your audience and by personalized marketing efforts.

Build brand image

Build brand image

Since the online marketplace does not give you room to develop your brand persona on their platform, it is a little difficult to build brand awareness among your customers on these channels. The marketplace only allows you to showcase your products with a limited capacity for its description with no option to customize your marketing. Hence, your customers can not recognize your brand among all other similar brands. The only way to save yourself from these monotonous marketing and selling techniques is to create your online store. Developing your separate website can help you build brand awareness among your audience. Your online store ensures that you create your digital presence which resonates with your brand image. Creating a consistent brand image helps your audience recognize you through your logo or the overall look and feel of your website. Hence, customers recognize your products which give you an edge to customize your marketing campaigns according to the customer engagement on your website.

As a business owner, you should aim to build your company as a “brand” which means you should be able to make your audience think about your company when they decide to buy that particular product/service category. Having your eCommerce website is the key element to build your brand image.

Monitor your audience

Monitor your audience

To better understand your ideal client profile you must analyze your target customers’ behavior and their purchase patterns to highlight critical insights that help you improve your conversion rates. You can fetch analytics and work on understanding your audience only if you build your website. By selling on a third-party platform you can not build your ideal client profile since you can not access the analytics. Therefore, it hinders your efforts to market products to the right audience and does not let you up-sell your promotional or high-end products to customers who bought from you in the past.

The analytics allows you to get the insights of your existing customers as well as the potential customers that help you craft better marketing campaigns specifically for each customer in your marketing funnel. Hence, developing your online selling platform is beneficial if you want to monitor your audience so that you can align your marketing efforts with the right customers at the right time.

Your website, your rules

Your website, your rules

When you own a website you are at full liberty to have a different theme and layout for your online store, unlike third-party selling sites which restrict you to a generic theme. Moreover, on these platforms, your products can not be distinguished from your competitors as everyone is being marketed similarly. To stand out from your rivals you must design your website and market your products and services the way you want to grab the attention of your potential audience. Therefore, you can make your marketing and promotional strategies for your business which includes:

  • Incorporating promotional product/service video campaigns
  • Customizing website layout design
  • Tailoring your website content for SEO performance
  • Incorporating client testimonials as social proof
  • Integrating social media marketing
  • Creating additional content on the website as blogs and newsletters
  • Offering discounts and coupons to build customer loyalty

Easy to build eCommerce platforms

Built E-commerce Website

It is never been so easy to develop and design your eCommerce website before. But with the progress in the eCommerce industry, many companies have made website development an easy process for the newbies who want to build their digital presence. Some of the leading eCommerce platforms include Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. These platforms give you a DIY opportunity to establish your website the way you want easily and efficiently.

You do not have to have a strong command of coding because these platforms have a code-free interface that gives you a simple plug-and-play feature to set up your website. These third=party eCommerce platforms allow you to create your store online without having to spend a huge amount for setting up your internal developer’s team. Therefore, you personalize your website the way you want to and make alterations easily whenever needed.

Wrapping up

Running your eCommerce store helps you get access to first-hand information about your customers which can help you tailor your marketing strategy. Your online store means you have an individual presence in the eCommerce market building a brand image that your audience recognizes. Moreover, you get to monitor your website audience and get accurate insights on their purchase behavior so that you can make promotional strategies depending on your audience’s engagement with your company. Lastly, it allows you to make your own rules and differentiate your brand from the competitors, and maintain your competitive advantage to build customer loyalty.

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