Develop a complete learning platform

Educational Games & Simulations

Develop interactive and engaging software that provide learners with opportunities to learn through gameplay.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Create and manage online and blended learning environments.

Mobile Learning Apps

Enable learners to access educational content and resources on their mobile devices,

Online Tutoring & Mentoring platform

Create online tutoring and mentoring platform, which can provide students with access to expert help and guidance in real-time.

Communication & Collaboration Tools

Enable communication and collaborate in real-time, regardless of location through tools like chat, video conferencing, and shared document editing tools etc.

E-Assessment & Testing Platforms

Automate assessment and testing process, create and administer assessments, tests, and quizzes online, as well as giving real-time feedback.

VR / AR Applications

Pprovide students with immersive and interactive learning experiences.

Adaptive Learning Platforms

Use data and analytics to personalize learning experiences assessments, and feedback based on an individual progress and performance.

Educational Data Management & Analytics Software

Collect, store, and analyze data on student performance, attendance, and other relevant factors, and use that data to improve student outcomes.

Classroom Management Software

Manage and monitor student behavior, assignments, and activities in the classroom.

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Award Winning Learning Management System

Our App for a top IP law firm won the award

“I would like to thank Tkxel for their engineering services. We love the interface of the app and holistically the whole platform meets our business goals.” ... Read More

Upscaling & Diversifying a Holistic LMS Platform

Elia Wellness developed an LMS revolving around evidence-based acute clinical and lifestyle medicine.

“I would like to thank tkxel for building a Comprehensive Health Digital platform for us! really appreciate the efforts you and your team have put together to get this job done.” ... Read More

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