Tkxel is a member of the elite 3% of software development companies across the globe known as the Accelerance Global Network.

About Accelerance?

Accelerance is the world’s best and most trusted software development outsourcing advisory firm. Accelerance provides complete consultation from planning to execution strategies for global software development outsourcing. Accelerance believes that software development outsourcing shouldn’t feel risky. That’s why Accelerance travels the world to personally investigate software development outsourcing companies.

How Accelerance Certifies Vendors

The Accelerance partner research team has reviewed more than 8,000 software companies around the world, eliminating unqualified companies (97% of them) and the remaining providers are considered for partnership in the Accelerance Global Network. Accelerance team has traveled to more than 30 countries in four major outsourcing regions to conduct in-person due diligence reviews and vet qualifying partners across more than 200 criteria.

Tkxel & Accelerance Partnership

Tkxel being a pioneer in custom software development has an iconic presence in the global market and Accelerance vetted us due to our wide range of services for our clients in the United States. It has been more than a year that this everlasting relationship with such a prestigious software development outsourcing agency has been established and we constantly add value to this partnership by grasping more expertise in our current services and by tapping into new and innovative technologies.

For a brief review of Tkxel from the VP Accelerance for Strategic Planning, watch the following video and witness their hands-on experience with our onsite services overview.


A Decade Long Journey Of Building Delightful Customer Experiences

Tkxel’s focus on developing long-lasting relationships with its clients and helping businesses & entrepreneurs unleash their true potential is what drives excellence from our side and therefore has helped rank us among the top 1000 B2B companies across the globe’. Our end-to-end services turn your key business requirements into dynamic software solutions, resulting in extraordinary customer experience. Tkxel can be your ally in fulfilling your custom software development goals. Drop a line today!

Watch Our Customer Success Stories

Success Stories

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“We have been working with Tkxel since October 2018 and we found their communication extremely effective and professional. Our goal with this project was to ensure a seamless and transparent competency review system and the application developed by Tkxel helped us achieve those desired results.”

Russell Willcocks // Ministerial Association Secretary
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"Tkxel redeveloped the application on time and within the budget, meeting all of the project's milestones and pleasing the client. Their development skills and proactiveness accelerated the timeline and delivery of the project."

Sylvian Bruni // Principal Engineer
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“Tkxel provided very good resources for our Broadband ISP and UX requirements. The work was completed on time and professionally. The project was carried out seamlessly and with utmost diligence. We would like to work with Tkxel again.”

Philip Macridis // Managing Director
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"We are pleasantly surprised by the process that Tkxel team adopted to handle this complex integration. Their engineers became core part of our team and took the ownership of the whole project in a very professional way."

Wayne Walls // Product Manager

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