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Episode Summary

This episode gives listeners an insight into the world of Blockchain and its potential for organizations. The conversation is with Lisa Short, Digital Technologist, Entrepreneur and Founder of Mind Shifting. Lisa provides a comprehensive overview of what Blockchain is, what it does and why it is important to consider its applications other than just in financial services. She also clarifies current Blockchain myths and talks about the future landscape of the tech industry.

Key Takeaways

  1. Blockchain is an emerging technology with diverse applications impacting various industry verticals from healthcare to education to financial services.
  2. Its potential needs to be explored other than just in cryptocurrencies, especially negating the myth that Blockchain’s application is only limited to the Bitcoin.
  3. Blockchain empowers organizations to cut down on operational inefficiencies and provides greater security due to its decentralized nature and transparent structure.
  4. Organizations incorporating this technology in its business models are going to facilitate their digital transformations and be better equipped to deal with the challenges posed by the evolving technological developments such as with AI powered cyberattacks.

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