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Episode Summary:

Technology is constantly evolving and has been in the business long enough for every business to know how to use this knowledge wisely. Muhammad Ahmed talks about how The Media Gale is technically and professionally equipped, transforming businesses into brands and providing 360-degree marketing solutions such as brand management, advertising, web development and social media management to make every brand a success story.

Show Notes:

1. Being an entrepreneur is about working hard, as well as working smartly which means outsourcing, lending, borrowing or improvising the market concept according to your requirements.  It’s about focusing on how you are going to achieve goals, manage teams and provide solutions keeping those goals aligned. 

2. Key to building like-minded teams is to choose the right people. People who have the potential to run for the cause of the business, shared values, synergy with your vision and potential to grow themselves.

3. Procrastinating, scaling too fast, going for a good quantity instead of quality and losing long term focus are the factors that hinder a startup to grow in the long term and affect its performance. 

4. Storytelling is important while building a team to make the business vision clear. CEOs need to evaluate the core technical team members themselves at the beginning of a startup to make them better understand the company vision and to continue this pattern further.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.


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