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Episode Summary:

Listen to Haseeb Khan, VP Innovation & Technology, tkxel in conversation with Anne-Sybille Pradelles, Co-Founder, Formance- an open-source platform that helps Fintech and marketplace build and operate strategic and unique money flows. They talk about the rapid increase in e-payment methods and customer experience regarding this rapid growth. 

Show Notes:

1. Formance provides APIs that are designed to make it easier and quicker for companies with complex payment networks to track payment flows between pay-ins and payouts in real-time and across different merchants and intermediaries.

2. The e-payment method fueled in recent years and significantly became cashless. The volume of global cashless payments is expected to be doubled by 2030. This rapid growth in e-payments is bringing consequences for innovations but also feeling new payment solutions as well. 

3. Customer expectations against this growth in e-payments and experience are shifting as well due to three major drivers, i,e. having a choice for payment methods, customers' consciousness or thought behind every interaction & embedded payments services.

This episode is hosted by Haseeb Khan, VP Innovation & Technology, Tkxel.


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