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Episode Summary

In this episode of "Leading Business Innovation", we chat with Chad Sheridan, Chief Innovation Officer at NetImpact Strategies, about the digital landscape today and how to breed innovation. Chad is an experienced IT expert and mentors others on how to offer innovative and cost-cutting solutions to pre-existing and future problems.

Show Notes:

  1. The distinction between a Chief Innovation Officer and a Chief Information Officer is to do with how internal the work is. A Chief Innovation Officer strategizes how to harness the power of digital on a large scale.
  2. The first wave of digital transformation in government processes was electronifying the paperwork. Digital transformation initially was about using machines to do the tedious labor work.
  3. Digitization and digital transformation are two sides of the same coin. Harnessing the power of machines is about a mindset and power shift that companies initially did not understand.
  4. 5G will change the game for digital transformation with it accelerating the supply chain of companies globally.

(This episode is hosted by Roshan Javaid, Digital Marketing Specialist at Tkxel.)


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