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Episode Summary:

As we have seen, the world is constantly changing. The market fluctuates up and down, our business needs shift at a moment’s notice, and cloud offerings are constantly growing. In such situations, dynamic cloud infrastructure makes businesses more adaptable and Zesty is proud to make it achievable for more businesses around the world.

Show Notes:

1. Zesty is radically changing the way businesses work with their infra, by making Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure more accessible than ever before.

2. Making DevOps life very easy, helps DevOps engineers manage their cloud cost, and organisations to save money on the cloud in just manner of few days 

3. Commitment managers for managing commitments of cloud providers. Dynamically adapt your AWS discount commitments to real-time application needs by automatically buying and selling AWS Reserved Instances. Potentially reducing costs by as much as 60%.

4. Enterprises and corporates are focused on saving costs during this recession rather than on tomorrow and Zesty entered the market at right time. 

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO, tkxel.


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