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Episode Summary

To navigate a current business management trend, this episode features Ryan Fay, Global Head of High Tech and Global Enterprises at Gartner and Umair Javed, CEO Tkxel to talk about how CIOs can deliver value for a business beyond just looking after the organization’s IT infrastructure.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The CIO acts as a hub for pushing innovation from being at the center of partnerships to proactively engaging in client servicing.
  2. The CIO is also responsible for propagating the company’s culture which is nowadays synonymous with the mission of the company.
  3. Digital connectivity has brought about new dimensions in data breaches and that is where the transformed CIO can play a greater role in mitigating the negative impact of it.
  4. CIOs also play an important role in educating the audience about new technologies and its respective use cases .

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