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Episode Summary

This episode gives our listeners a comprehensive overview of Data Science and how is it different from AI & Machine Learning. The conversation is with Dr. Shahzad Cheema who is lead data scientist at IBM, Munich. Mr. Shahzad extensively covers the topic of Data Science & Machine Learning and how businesses’ survival is based on this. He also talks about the real-world applications and the future benefits of these technologies.

Key Takeaways

- Data Science is a discipline that implements Artificial Intelligence. There are four major dimensions of Data Science: Big Data, Machine Learning, Technology (Monolithic Desktop applications) & Applications of Data Science

- Real-world applications of data science can be seen in our daily lives as face recognition apps, image/video recognition, forecasting/predicting financial revenue; to name some. These are all based on data science technology.

-Companies adopting to latest big data, machine learning & artificial intelligence tools are going to excel in their respective industries just because of learning and implementing these technologies as first movers.

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