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Episode Summary:

 Listen to Haseeb Khan, VP Innovation & Technology, tkxel in conversation with Mohamed Younes, CEO & Co-Founder, Khazenly- An on-demand fulfilment solution for e-Commerce entrepreneurs They talk about how Khazenly’s convenient, affordable, transparent, the omnichannel solution helps merchants grow their businesses and supercharge the digitalization of their fulfilment processes.

Show Notes:

1. More than 54% of businesses globally face inventory challenges and they vary for each business. Small startups face these challenges majorly due to tech advancements. On the other side, for big organizations, these challenges mainly come from access points.

2. Managing your inventory well means their availability on a first come first serve basis. The other perspective would be analytics, automation & AI management. These numbers should give you a clear analysis of what items are fast-moving and define CTA for them accordingly. 

3. While choosing technology organizations should have a strong digital platform integrated with WMS. Organizations should know how reliable, agile and flexible the system is and its ability to integrate. 

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This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.


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