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Episode Summary:

 Host Umair Javed, CEO, tkxel, chats with Ben Zweig, CEO of Revelio about work dynamics, labour market trends and revolutionising labour markets in 2023. Revelio Labs’ mission is to create a clear way to understand workforce and talent across companies.

It uses the latest methods in statistical research to remove sampling bias, and anticipate lags in reporting to create a comprehensive and current understanding of workforce dynamics. This allows a better understanding of the workforce dynamics of any company.

Show Notes:

1. Revelio Labs is a workforce intelligence company, that standardises hundreds of millions of public employment records to create the world’s first universal HR database.  

2. The health and stability of companies have traditionally been understood using methods which have relied on indicators of performance. The true inner workings of a company, and its workforce, are notoriously difficult to understand and have yet to be a meaningful part of how companies have been assessed.

3. Workforce data, unlike financial data, lack the standardization necessary to develop sophisticated models. Yet labour markets are the largest and most important markets in the world.

4. This workforce data provides insight into company composition, hiring and attrition trends, geographic composition, career transitions, gender, and ethnicity.

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO, tkxel.


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