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Episode Summary:

Host Umair Javed, CEO, tkxel, chats with Ohad Babrov,CTO & Co-founder, Talon Security to talk about how Talon is delivering the leading security solution for the future of work, enterprise browser designed to bring security to managed and unmanaged devices, regardless of location, device type or operating system.

According to Ohad, it is the first enterprise browser that was designed to secure and enable hybrid work, while reducing complexity and cost. Talon's secure and isolated workspace enables today’s employees, who use the browser more than any other business application, to work from anywhere and from any device, accessing enterprise resources securely from both corporate and non-corporate devices. 

Show Notes:

1. Talon provides enhanced security in various work scenarios such as Remote workers, 3rd party contractors, SaaS and on-prem web-based applications, work from non-corporate devices and more.

2. Talon provides comprehensive DLP to reduce cyber risk. This includes file encryption to prevent sensitive files from being shared externally or stored on endpoints.

3. Talon provides comprehensive monitoring of all work-related web browsing without impacting the privacy of your workforce or third parties. Talon audits user activities inside SaaS and web applications to address security and compliance requirements.

This episode is hosted by Umair Javed, Founder & CEO, tkxel.


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