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Episode Summary:

More recently, the important link between communities and entrepreneurs has emerged as a new frontier in entrepreneurship research. This episode features Hira Saeed, founder & CEO, CaterpillHERs. Hira Talks about the need for social entrepreneurs and it’s important for addressing social challenges and providing innovative, sustainable and effective social solutions.

Show Notes:

1. Social entrepreneurs solve community-based problems by taking risks. The most pressing issue is the lack of basic necessities in various countries. Therefore, there is an uprising need for social entrepreneurs to solve these kinds of problems in a progressive society.

2. Women in the business or any other industry are still facing barriers hindering their performances. It’s more of a cultural dilemma. Even from a global lens, there are multiple layers of this complex problem that women have to face. One major reason is that only a small percentage of investments goes out to women founders.

3. Being surrounded by women doing the same businesses is most important and motivation for others in a country where women have to face such problems to keep going.

4. The biggest mistake early startups made is about bringing in the wrong people. Startups need to get co-founders who are able to provide some value and build the platform. Have diversity and exposure in your team and learn from having real conversations.

This episode is hosted by Haseeb Khan, Vice President of Innovation & Technology, Tkxel.


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