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Episode Summary:

For years, managing someone's online presence after their death has been a fractured process. Families had to reach out individually to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if they wanted to access or change a dead loved one's account and often had limited options. Today, we have Daniel Sieberg, Co-founder, Chief Storyteller at GoodTrust with us to talk about taking care of our digital legacy and how GoodTrust have started to build easier ways for users to specify who they'd like to oversee their accounts after they die and what they want done with them.

Show Notes:

1. Cultural and technological challenges being priority, another big challenge is that people’s afterlife becomes another void and only certain people remember this idea of preserving their legacies.

2. For tech companies taking care of your customer’s privacy and the security of their data is critically important for the survival of a company. Demonstrating this message again and again is important to gain trust over time and combat skepticism.

3. Discussing death is not encouraged in most cultures and that is why people consider it the death tech. But the idea of celebrating life, taking care of your memories and planning ahead can feel empowering.

4. This niche is going to get bigger as an issue in coming years. Also, it will be more important for the people to figure out how they wanna be remembered and have tools to take care of their legacies and their content.

This episode is hosted by Amna Omer, Global Communications Manager, Tkxel.


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