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Episode Summary

Inclusive design is a methodology born out of digital environments that enables and draws upon the full range of human diversity. This episode features Elizé, Adobe XD Instructor, UX Design Consultant and Content Creator in a discussion around what inclusive design is and why it matters in business.

Key Takeaways

  1. Inclusive design is a design that allows more people access to a product, be it from people who have impairments or those who don’t have impairments or disabilities.
  2. Understanding that you can get sued or you can lose out on monetary value is very important. It is expensive to think about being more inclusive but nonetheless it is important and hence everyone throughout the organization needs to be on the same page with it.
  3. As a designer, the real challenge is to think about all types of individuals and groups without actually thinking about everything
  4. Not every single person is your user, but you have to think about the target persona or the need that you are fulfilling with your product and so that’s how the design process starts

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