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  • The power of people

    Why we need empathy based entrepreneurs

    In this ‘The Power of People’ episode, we chat with Aisha Memon, Data Governance and Democratization Product Owner at Cisco about empathy-based leadership.

    21 mins listen
  • Startup Series

    Building a business in a recession

    To find out what it takes to build a successful business during a recession, we chat with Enrico Casati, Co-founder Velasca, about how he did just that.

    28 mins listen
  • Smart cities

    Responsible AI and the future of work

    There’s no denying that AI has significantly changed our lives. In this episode, we chat with Emily Ominsky, Asset Curator on the Responsible AI team at Accenture, about what is Responsible AI and what does it mean for the future of work? Emily explores how AI has evolved and its relationship with ethics.

    20 mins listen
  • Startup Series

    Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth

    In this episode of the 'Startup Series' we chat with Vladimira Mesko Briestenska, Founder and Partner, Neem Exponential and Founder at The Future Farm about the venture capital-entrepreneur relationship.

    47 mins listen
  • The Business Truth

    Product thinking for B2B

    In this episode of 'The Business Truth', we chat with John MacMenamin, Head of Product Design Block.one, about what are user personas and why they are essential to leading B2B service design.

    42 mins listen
  • Leading business innovation

    Digital Transformation in 2021

    In this episode of "Leading Business Innovation", we chat with Chad Sheridan, Chief Innovation Officer at NetImpact Strategies, about the digital landscape today and how to breed innovation.

    28 mins listen
  • The Business Truth

    AI meets IoT: How AI is shaping the future of our daily lives

    In this episode of 'AI meets IoT', we chat with some of the biggest names in the industry on how AI is changing the future of our daily lives.

    37 mins listen
  • Leading business innovation

    Top Telco Challenges

    In this episode of uncovering underlying business realities, Umair Javed, CEO Tkxel, chats with Natalie Scopelitis, Director of Digital Transformation Huawei, about the digital transformation landscape and the top challenges facing telcos.

    39 mins listen
  • Startup Series

    Founder's Mentality: Things to consider

    In this episode of our Startup Series, we chat with Arif Khan, Founder and CEO of Athlea AI, a startup focused on enabling and creating opportunities for people to create their own synthetic media.

    34 mins listen
  • Leading business innovation

    State of the technical architecture in 2021

    In this episode we chat with Pallavi Hanson, Head of Software Engineering Flexential, about the state of the technical architecture in 2021.

    23 mins listen

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