13 Reasons Why Tkxel Should Be Your Next Work Destination

Does the thought of waking up on a Monday morning haunt you? Do you love your work, your boss or your office overall?

These questions play an important role in reflecting your career trajectory. Don’t expect to go a long way in your professional career if you are stuck in the work that does not make you feel happy. On the other hand, a workplace that you love helps you achieve your professional goals and accelerates business growth and helps them attract the best talent out there.

But the crux of the matter is that in matters of the heart, you don’t fall in love by choice, the same holds when it comes to having an affinity for your work. So let me tell you some of the many ways at TkXel to make sure our employees enjoy and love the work they do.

1. You Get To Work On Exciting Yet Challenging Projects

Our clients are industry leaders and range from startups to Fortune 500 companies. So whether you enjoy working in a startup culture or enjoy developing enterprise solutions, you will get to taste all the different flavors here. You will be pushed to your limits and challenged on an everyday basis to develop innovative solutions to solve complex business problems. Moreover, we cover the entire spectrum of tech stacks, so you will get the opportunity to get your hands dirty on multiple technologies. This will empower you to gain a diverse skill set to give you the confidence to take on any challenge head-on.

Listen to what our happy customers have to say about Tkxel:

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2. You Are Part Of A Global Software Development Firm

Who doesn’t want to be a part of an organization with a global footprint and industry leader? Well, Tkxel is a US-headquartered firm with a presence in three continents, and our clients are spread across the globe. Tkxel has been recognized as a thought leader in software development by third parties such as Forbes, Clutch, Goodfirms and Accelerance. We rank among the top B2B service providers and are a part of the Accelerance Global Network.

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3. TkXel Will Become Your Second Home If Not First

How do you feel as an employee on a late Sunday night thinking about work the following morning? My guess is not so good. This is one thing that TkXel’s management realized long ago. To make sure the scary thought of Monday’s work does not demotivate its employees, we made sure we could make the office aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for our valued employees that they start treating it as their second home. Gone are the days when plain boring wallpapers and white stinging fluorescents would dampen your spirit every working Monday (only if you are or planning to be a part of TkXel, though).

UX planning

TkXel takes further initiatives to make its premises feel give a homey feel, such as events like monthly team dinners, recreational events organized on a team as well as company level on a monthly and quarterly basis, as well as an annual trip fully funded to the country-side as yet another initiative to help employees like being at home while at work.

4. Learning From The Best In The Industry- #tkxeltalks

The best way to innovate is to learn from the mistakes and successes of others. Tkxel talks are one such initiative where industry leaders and academicians share their success stories to inject innovation into our organizational culture and inspire our teams to always come up with creative ideas.


5. We Adhere To Strong Cultural Values

If you’re one of those who fear normalcy and complacency in life, TkXel might just be the right place for you. TkXel promotes the notion of being a company where problem solves, and initiative takers are more than just welcome.

software develop

You will be required to act like a CEO, own your mistakes, show empathy to others, take decisions based on data and not on your hunch and grow collectively as a team. Whenever you face any difficulty in your decision making, you will revert to our core values to guide you.

6. You Become A Consultant, Not A Coder

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We want our engineers to see the bigger picture. So they are encouraged to think of themselves as more than just coders working on a project; instead, consider themselves as consultants to clients we engage with and to add value to the business, go about their responsibilities as engineers do what is best not only for TkXel to ensure we make up a lot of revenue in the short run but consider the possibility of having long life engagements with our clients and adding something meaningful to their projects, thus setting us apart from the competition.

7. Empowering Women In Tech

Males dominate the software industry, and the number of women in technical roles is far less than what it ought to be. However, at Tkxel, we owe our success to women who have served in leadership roles and have been a source of support and guidance for us throughout the last ten years.

tkxel girls

We are committed to demolishing the barriers for women in technology and helping them unleash their true potential. At Tkxel, professional growth and leadership opportunities depend on your capabilities, not on your gender.

8. We Practice Knowledge Sharing To Keep You Engaged

Yes, of course, while every other software development claims to do that, we at TkXel go one step ahead in actually forcing it to be shared across the different functional areas of the organization and events like a weekly stand up meeting for all the employees to come forward and transmit the work experiences and whatever it is that feel they have learned in their work-life journeys back our claim of doing so.

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You can either volunteer to speak up or be given a cold call and do an impromptu, of course both ways you get the applause and TkXel strengthens the culture of knowledge sharing.

9. Futuristic Mindset! Nurturing Data Scientists

It’s one thing to take pride in being one of the top custom software development companies around, but understanding the dynamics of IT and its future trends is a whole new ball game.

Data Science and its subsets are widely considered the future of software development, and we as a business and an employer are fully mindful of the facts.

As a company aiming for higher targets every passing year, we realize the need to dive into the new avenues of research and development in software services.

Therefore, TkXel has invested heavily in a year-long training that has commenced as of 2019, with Data Science sessions taking place twice weekly to help those volunteering to learn, reshape their career paths and align them with the future needs in the software space.

The better equipped our workforce is with the tools of the future, the higher and realistically achievable our expectations are as a business to achieve more in an otherwise competitive market.

We realize that there is no ROI for us as a company in the short run, but we are the ones with a vision and invest in our future.

10. Helping The Newbies Gel In

Fussball game

Customer centricity is essential but equally important is employee centricity. If our employees are happy, that will automatically translate into customer happiness and customer success. However, work can get overwhelming at times which can lead to stress and anxiety. We hold weekly fitness training classes to address this so all the negative energies drain out of your body and you feel energetic and upbeat, always!

13. Your Achievements Will Be Recognized & Success Celebrated

Some things money can’t buy, even at the workplace sometimes all you need is for someone to acknowledge your hard work and advertise your success and achievements because you don’t want to be the only one, truly understanding how much you had to give to be where you are and with no story to tell. We at TkXel help you stay motivated and share your story to inspire others too.

Accolades like employee of the month/year are held where the outperformers are celebrated. In addition, those who took a significant initiative and added value to the company’s work are also applauded, thus helping inspire others and promoting a learning-oriented and employee-centric culture at TkXel.

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Wrap Up

Tkxel is a place where you can indeed be yourself. T’s in our DNA to foster diversity and inclusion in our work and help our people achieve their full potential. This is what makes Tkxel a company of the future.

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