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Perpetually the talk of the town, mobility offers productivity solutions, improvement in work and significant cost savings.  With the ever-increasing adoption of mobility worldwide, the technology also presents a catch-22 situation: without mobility, you are committing “business suicide” and with mobility, you are presenting new security threats in your business.  IT departments are walking a very fine line between encouraging workers and controlling security.

With a wearable market speedily on the rise, users are bringing all sorts of devices to the workplace that are either not owned by the company or managed by the IT department.  This situation, of course, poses a serious security and data breach threat.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, transactions between servers, and handling sensitive client data with mobile-enabled technology means that the number one concern for your company is protecting user data and complying with international standards.  It’s vital for organizations to have absolute control over devices and manage application assimilation as well as access.

Businesses have been stuck in the past with limited methods of managing devices, which are defective and depend on careful manual revision.  Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), specifically Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the answer to your needs. EMM comprises of the wide-ranging security and enablement platforms whereas MDM is one of the features of a comprehensive EMM solution.   There isn’t just one solution, however. There are quite a few options in the EMM package.

EMM can be distinguished into three categories:

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM deals with deploying, securing, monitoring, integrating and managing mobile devices in the workplace.   MDM products are configured in such a way that they collect and display location and call histories from all corporate devices which helps optimize functionality and security of devices used within the organization.

It also includes device-level passwords and remote-wipe abilities that make it perfectly suitable for companies that solely issue corporate devices.  MDM offers the ability of managing mobile applications on each device allowing you to use, manage, block or eliminate apps on multiple devices so that productivity increases and the threat of mobile malware is reduced.

Mobile Applications Management (MAM)

Mobile applications management (MAM) takes Data Security a step further by forcing policies at the application level.  Passwords, limiting the inter-use between applications and selective-wipe of enterprise data from devices is ideal for businesses that have a BYOD policy integrated into their business operations.  MAM has security policies such as the facility to crosscheck users, creating expiration dates for accessing data, putting limitations on what can be copy/pasted as well as rejecting access to cloud backup if the user is unauthorized.

An additional benefit to MAM platforms is that it gives IT full control on how and where to deploy the applications.  Instead of downloading apps on public app stores such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, the IT department will create an enterprise app store where all the applications are available for download and use allowing businesses complete control over their software property.

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

MCM is a set of technologies that provide safe access to corporate data on a variety of mobile devices.  Think “Dropbox” in functionality. The main element of an MCM solution is storage of files as well as sharing corporate data.  MCM can be integrated using cloud technology solutions or through linking existing data sources to a mobile front-end.

MCM platforms are all about enabling rather than confining users.  The solutions provided in an MCM platform are the ability to collaborate from remote areas or while traveling allowing corporate data to be shared on demand.  You can access, view, edit, annotate and share from anywhere on any device giving users the freedom to work the way they want, when they want to rather than restricting them to certain rules and policies.

The ever-increasing adoption of mobile devices has given birth to EMM, organizations are scrambling to get security policies in place and EMM helps target each situation in a more intensive and thorough manner.  While mobile security is necessary, convenience and productivity cannot be hindered for the end user in any way. Mobile security must ensure that it does not infringe on the user experience or the whole point of going mobile is lost.

EMM is a tailored solution that can meet all of the needs of your IT department as well as increasing productivity and affecting the corporate network in a positive way.  In 2016, you are bound to see more and more organizations using EMM to manage mobility. A complete solution that is simple to incorporate, EMM suites help give back the control to businesses, allowing them to secure sensitive information and keep check of employee’s day-to-day access to corporate information.

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