Top 3 Reasons to Choose Virtual Private Cloud-as-a-Service for Your Business

Many cloud computing options came into existence in the past few years. They are available to small to medium businesses as well as enterprises. However, evaluating which one is suitable for your business can be a challenging task. Currently, four cloud solutions are emerging and are adopted worldwide. These leading cloud solutions include Public Cloud, Dedicated Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud. The biggest challenge you might face is differentiating between all. Out of all, understanding the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is crucial since it has just become the talk of the town.

Let's take a deep dive into Virtual Private Cloud as-a-service. How is it different from other cloud solutions? How it is fulfilling specific business needs and providing benefits for enterprise-level businesses.

Different Cloud Options

Four cloud computing solutions are available that can provide you with enterprise-level solutions. You can choose the one that fits your business model.

1 – Public Cloud

The main work of public cloud service is to ensure smooth infrastructure and services. At multiple price points, the users can easily claim the resources as per their needs. Being a user, you can share the resources with other people as well. If you choose a physically isolated infrastructure, you can enjoy separate and secure services.

2 – Dedicated Private Cloud

The dedicated private cloud environment is for single organizations only. It has a stricter security protocol with precise compliance and security standards. Moreover, the dedicated private cloud will allow your business to control sensitive data in a streamlined process. It offers compromise-free control as per industry-made rules and regulations.

3 – Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is a typical blend of private and public cloud solutions. However, owing to complexity, it only can be managed if you are an expert with crucial knowledge. The best thing about a hybrid cloud is maintaining independent data while collaborating across various platforms.

4 – Virtual Private Cloud

The logical and extended division of the public cloud is known as a virtual private cloud. With a virtual private cloud, you can enjoy the perks of public cloud solutions. It gets more secure and operates in a cost-effective environment. VPS is an effective solution in managing extremely sensitive data workloads. It ensures flexibility, scalability, and portability. With virtual private cloud as-a-service, you can offer isolated services as well. It includes a private IP address, virtual LAN, and many more.

How the virtual private cloud works

The virtual private cloud as-a-service is responsible for ensuring that the data of the private cloud customers remain isolated. The data in a virtual private cloud never intermingle with another customer’s data and remains secluded. Moreover, it remains secure and safe inside the cloud provider’s network, causing no issue later.

Some essential security elements in the virtual private cloud make it a trustworthy option for you. It has end-to-end encryption, a unique IP address, and a private virtual local area network (VLAN). If you opt for a virtual private cloud, you can manage the network components on your own, like IP addresses, network gateways, subnets, and access control policies.

Reasons to choose VPC as-a-Service

There are many advantages to using a virtual private cloud. It gives your organization the chance to enjoy the benefits of the private cloud. Moreover, you can also use granular network control and high-grade security. The virtual cloud as-a-service is a highly scalable cloud infrastructure that can offer you benefits such as:

Unified Updates

One of the leading benefits of the virtual private cloud is that it provides you with seamless services. For instance, when you apply the VPC to your business, you can enjoy the updates with negligible downtime. Moreover, you can refresh the underlying hardware without delays. Along with it, you can receive continuous services matching the pace of your business.

Incredible Security

Another merit of VPC is that all the information remains within your control. It cannot cross the internet without the permission granted by you. All the cloud hosting providers spend a lot of time to ensure high compliance and security for your operations. Therefore, your business can thrive with an incredible level of protection.

Seamless Integration

What makes virtual private clouds superior to others is their phenomenal integration feature. It can be integrated with other cloud services and allows on-premises infrastructure. Moreover, VPC can also be converted into a hybrid cloud solution. Therefore, you can enjoy more cloud working space as per your business needs.

The virtual private cloud seamlessly allows hybrid cloud deployment. Moreover, with hybrid cloud integration, multi-cloud strategies can also be adopted. Hence, it can increase the practicality of your business with cost-effective optimized performance.

Beware of the scams

You can find many hardware vendors who are marketing their physical cloud servers. According to them, through their physical servers, you can create your own “private cloud.” These servers are named cubic zirconia in the cloud infrastructure world.

However, it is essential to beware of physical servers because they are not the virtual private cloud. These servers are more like on-premise hardware in reality and do not have the fundamental elements of the cloud. Cloud is a reliable, scalable, and elastic infrastructure. At the same time, the cubic zirconia lacks it. 

Virtual cloud as-a-service is a genuine cloud infrastructure offering ultimate cloud computing solutions. You need to make sure that you get assistance from reliable solution providers only and avoid scams.

When it comes to unleashing the power of the virtual private cloud as-a-service, you need to contact a reliable partner for guidance. A service provider that can help you adopt, deploy, manage the cloud, and provide continuous support. Moreover, highly managed clouds can deliver precise results, ensuring control and authority for you. 

A trustworthy virtual cloud integration partner can help in navigating the platform options with you. Always remember, what works for a certain company, will not continuously work for you as well. Every business has different and unique needs, and only a reliable partner can help you identify them. You need to discover the virtual private cloud as-a-service platform with someone who can guide your business through complexities and quirky situations.

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